the most transformative sleepaway camp for adults

New York: August 23-27 2017


We are proud to be hosting Soul Camp at one of the nation's premier summer sleepaway camps, Camp Echo Lake. Located just 3.5 hours north of New York City, Camp Echo Lake is nestled in the beautiful Adirondack mountains, on the Hudson River, and a mere 5 minutes from Lake George. The beautiful fresh air, the mountain surroundings, the bright greenery and the soulful spirit of the camp make it the perfect location for Soul Camp. Complete with rock climbing walls, self-guided adventure courses, hiking trails, tennis courts, a beautiful lake, heated pools, it's the perfect serene setting for all Soul Camp activties!

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3.5 hours from NYC and easily accessible from anywhere!

click here for directions

At checkout, you can purchase a ticket on the Soul Camp Bus. Leaves from Midtown West at noon on August 24.

$120 round-trip

Fly into any New York area airport (JFK, LGA, EWR) and take the Soul Camp bus to camp. We suggest arriving before 9am on Aug 24 in order to make the bus in NYC!



at camp, all activities are optional.

it's a choose your own adventure!

We cover all topics below:
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Mindfulness fa9fcf4ec80fcb9edcd7625e5a519799845f102398061e6b41316e8247583b89


Social justice 08f0a00fb4c90c39baacfa499ba37e5d4ccbff137019aa01a7371162f7e27a2a

social justice

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Creativity b49759de5f6de55882b6e9396c38027e685d60d62a62998ff9f707fb3f133082

creativity + innovation

We live at the intersection of discovery and discipline, of play and practice, of fun and freedom.
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talent show
Color war 6b672cab5110fcb957b5002ae9dc3e6d2a88c916f91057274fcc09db1af50323
color war
Bunkmate bonding 1ec47f9d426062bd7f3ab76be9bc47ae7d7b5b29c6c439815a80e7f1c0b6b4f1
bunkmate bonding
Fearburning ceremony e985a868fa6221a1e82238d811433c9443146b2a15fbec66dd83e26a60d96bff
fearburning ceremony
Epic dance parties afdb75ce3be248bc0c2434ecad0feaf8200027322fd4f7c1a4046c58be2b504b
epic dance parties
Boating on the lake 9ea2ca370d662c1797be23e3ddbc9a86e5ac8708aeb1d205fb923e498aaf07a3
boating on the lake
Dance class 126bbf7cabe96a795af4def5a21f0100ec280b48d19c32cdddf883ca5e1e4a14
dance class
Strength training d6e6198d941f5808f45a0bf420aea4be978656d82219b8abbf2b0f23aa1f09e2
strength training
Energizing cardio 631ef8a71f40878b1482c114f72270067c28e333c908539514dd673a47ad19ba
energizing cardio
Dreamcatcher making ad73f5dd914281f15b95f26acb0b02e62aad18f66289c27401596f55f4698249
dreamcatcher making
Meditation d4b14bc23c5e04c832ee4e3e4b02101d73375e47d529af4db7827feea5f37a72
Tibetan singing bowls 0d4fc4a92a391eaa5a67c7c166e349b343e2fbff281bd3eaa23e79b97fdc0f5f
tibetan singing bowls
Intuitive readings 1062e69d88e0562a167cc5f0712e604e33f3b896c6061f632f6dfa199ffc91c7
intuitive readings
Breathwork 5cfad8b1ba3fdbc1b2a43790c720362e657cc9318f24cae3eb51d42f0cdc8e14
Yoga 3f17e3f04639ce497d9a3b16822cbe8a48f61e358c8bcc1b38ab4998f29d9b1d
Sup yoga debbcfd97240f60d79868be7d911973ce35f8576513a28da6964acb14c81c98c
SUP yoga
Arts crafts 4470f07b28097361721dba97a67a3d495136baeb32a89bc0866ff85cb7dfcb5f
arts & crafts
Improv camp games bbb980eab5144dc04c3b63733828c0c11105df8280a5b49e3c5a3e19b11e9be3
improv + camp games
Live music experiences f585bfe1e4979d302e2cb2d37fba60971ceb53bd222da67ad0d020bbae1da4c2
live music experiences
Inspirational talks f26f134b99a815107658d260e3f5dc6b1f125a286e477e303b39ac0a2edc8885
inspirational talks

Soul Camp brings together world-renowned teachers, authors, and motivators and gives you access to them in person in a way like never before. Our instructors' courses and programs, outside of camp, sell out in seconds and cost thousands of dollars. At Soul Camp, not only do you gain access to their teachings for a fraction of a cost, you get to experience all of them in one place. You will learn from your favorite instructor one period, and be their partner in a breathwork workshop the next!

Soul Camp is a place to play, explore and find the courage within when you get outside your comfort zone.


at camp, you are completely taken care of.

we provide all pillows, linens and sweet dreams.

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traditional camp cabins

At our New York camp, every camper sleeps in cabins complete with electricity that sleep 10-15 campers. We accommodate bunkmate requests and group bunkmates by where they are coming from, age group, as well as interests. Linens, pillows, swag, earplugs, and melatonin included! Connections and friendships with your bunkmates grow deep while you sleep.


we have partnered with Healthy Cooking Camp to provide

you with the most incredible nourishing healthified camp

food your heart and body could ever desire.

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Sample menu 8bb32a285e2b077dd9fced13233fc161c78fbef333c510e6779ece08b8904f8c canteen snacks

Thanks to our incredible sponsors, we have a fully stocked canteen of all your favorite healthy and delicious snacks available 24/7. Think kale chips, chia bars, dark chocolate and WTRMLN WTR available to you whenever you want. The only problem? Stopping yourself after one too many gluten-free cookies.

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Sample menu 8bb32a285e2b077dd9fced13233fc161c78fbef333c510e6779ece08b8904f8c

canteen snacks: Thanks to our incredible sponsors, we have a fully stocked canteen of all your favorite healthy and delicious snacks available 24/7. Think kale chips, chia bars, dark chocolate and WTRMLN WTR available to you whenever you want. The only problem? Stopping yourself after one too many gluten-free cookies.

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evening activities

our evening activities are a special time when the entire camp comes together to play, laugh, sing and be together. each night is different with activities such as color war, sing offs, talent shows, fear-burning, stargazing and live music experiences.

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what's included

at soul camp, you are completely taken care. from your comfy beds to your delicious meals in the dining hall to all the classes your heart could ever desire. all you need to worry about is how to get here!

Included food c44bb3c5c50237f8497d3ae0a37d11a9bdc941cbed327e92b9e54f21e454a41f

our menu of healthified camp food caters to all dietary needs and sensitivies without sacrificing on taste

Included room 3e8957d84c3ed9bab7416b0ecd2d287280e0916c61e11a5e22ebaa1d4d834fd1

our camp cabins are equipped with electricity and a full bathroom. sleep well in our nostalgic accomodations.

Included bedding bd3198f2b3c32db8a301e6add893434e88dae98c99a6a8081e0957ed15d8b360

no need to schlep your bedding and towels to camp, we got you covered!

Included swag bc9630b9f7cb0431a9a06a8621105327291d98b7811d3a3e5a0a9070be2adbef

all your camp essentials: tie-dye tees, waterbottles and notebooks included in your ticket price.

Included classes 11256a2d42a66842e32c49351db2647d9925643d25af0cacd825997c20e32b12

we don't charge extra for any classes here at camp. it's like an all-inclusive resort for your soul. only extra cost is if you opt for a private massage.

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a day at camp

From the moment you wake up to the moment you lay your head down to sleep, your day will be filled with delicious food, thought-provoking conversations, fun and nourishing entertainment and activities for your mind, body and spirit. Each period, we offer about six different choices so you will always find something that you’ll want to do. You get to choose your own adventure!

No two days will be the same, but here's what a typical day might look like:
9:00 AM registration opens
10:00 AM opening ceremony
11:00 AM period 1: all-camp activity (think: color war!)
12:00 PM period 2: choose your own workshop or lunch
1:15 PM period 3: chose your own workshop or lunch
2:30 PM period 4: choose your own play activity
3:30 PM closing bonfire (complete with s'mores!)

your camp staff

We've brought together the most inspiring, wise, fun, and creative staff yet. Not only will you get to learn from them, you will actually get to play and dance and learn right alongside of them! What makes Soul Camp unique is that we are all in the experience together. there are no teachers on a pedestal. we truly are all student and teacher. And just remember that camp is a choose your own adventure- you get to pick the classes and activities that YOU want to go to. Nothing is forced, everything is optional.

Each camp, we bring together renowned, inspiring, wise, fun, and creative teachers for you to learn from. In 2017, we will be adding intensives to dive deep into the subjects you are craving to learn more of. Staff roster will be announced in early 2017.

but i'm not sure...

Wood sign 82d51c16e961f56da686389b8643be986d9d03dbf9a596d0f95edcc644be5ed9

it's too much money!

Grass triangle 0b7fb26b89c295020ffcd3ff5109e13277e535250e7ae61032bf234eebbfe6d6

$1299 or $129/month for 12 months?! Let's break this down. Retreats of this caliber and quality could run you anywhere from $2,500-$7,500 including food on-site, accommodations, airfare, etc. At Soul Camp, EVERYTHING is included: all food, housing, a high-level curated experience with over 50 classes & workshops available, swag and an infinite amount of snacks. The instructors you will be learning from and working with at camp charge thousands of dollars for their programs - at Soul Camp, you will be there with 40 of the best! One weekend away that will provide you with a life transformation and memories that will last forever? That's priceless.

Wood sign 82d51c16e961f56da686389b8643be986d9d03dbf9a596d0f95edcc644be5ed9

i'm scared to come alone!

Grass triangle 0b7fb26b89c295020ffcd3ff5109e13277e535250e7ae61032bf234eebbfe6d6

Of course! Going away to the woods with 300 strangers? Yup. Scary. We get it. However, we have really great news. After one hour at camp, we are no longer strangers. Our programming is completely geared towards the campers that come alone (80% of our campers do) because most campers are coming to camp to meet their people. You will be in a bunk with other "newbies" coming alone and with bunk bonding activities, communal mealtimes, small class sizes and 300 people who are entering into this transformative experience together, making friends is easy and feeling lonely is difficult at Soul Camp.

Wood sign 82d51c16e961f56da686389b8643be986d9d03dbf9a596d0f95edcc644be5ed9

i don't have the time...

Grass triangle 0b7fb26b89c295020ffcd3ff5109e13277e535250e7ae61032bf234eebbfe6d6

We're putting on our life coach hats right now to tell you that you can make the time. If you want to be at camp, you can make it work. Yes, you may have to do something new. You may need to ask your partner to watch the kids, you may need to trade in your daily Starbucks to make this work, you may need to ask your manager for the time off or even a reimbursement for an experience that will catapult your creativity like woah. Whatever it is, if you want a life-changing experience, if you want to make a change, you are going to have to start now by taking a leap and making a decision. You got this!

what campers are saying...



Of course! Soul Camp is the place to meet new friends, so you have nothing to worry about. Most of our campers come alone and we promise that one of the main intentions of Soul Camp is to create new friendships and foster community. Without the distraction of our cell phones, we partake in incredible activities together- there is truly nowhere for you to feel alone. We have carefully crafted the experience to allow you to get to know an intimate group of people, all the while feeling the connection to the larger community present at camp.

We have campers signed up from age 18-69 and everything in between, but the average age of our campers is 30-45. All ages are welcome! And you are NEVER too old for camp!

Although campers are allowed to leave early, we strongly encourage you to stay for the entire experience. Soul Camp is so much fun that if you are planning on leaving early, you’ll most likely change your mind once camp starts. If you do need to leave early, please inform your counselor so we don’t go looking for you in the woods!

Yes. This camp is for anyone above the age of 18.

Nope. This weekend is meant to be rejuvenating and relaxing, and while we love your kiddos so much, we know you will be able to get the most out of the weekend if you are alone. Find a sitter, leave a love note for the kids, and come escape to Soul Camp!

If you are unable to come for any reason, your ticket is 100% transferable.

We recommend you allow yourself a weekend free from Facebook, Instagram and your work emails. There is limited cell phone service and no WIFI at camp. There are camp computers and camp phones you will have access to in case of emergency.

We will provide you with our camp emergency contact information. Before camp, we will provide this information for you to give to your family and friends in case of emergency.

During registration, you will have the opportunity to list three to four friends you’d like to be bunked with. We’ll match you up, so you can enjoy the week with some of your friends, while meeting new people. Just like old camp times, right?

No. Your registration for Soul Camp includes your stay as a camper, all programming and food. There will be a Soul Bus leaving from NYC, LA & SF. You are able to purchase your seat on the bus when you register.

Animals are not allowed onto the camp grounds. Sorry animals, we love you!

Nope. This is just like summer camp when you were a kid so we will not be providing alcohol.

All workshops and classes at Soul Camp are optional - you can attend as many or as few classes as you want. This is a choose your own adventure experience, some of our campers opt to take a yoga class every single period, while others mix it up and try classes and genres they have never heard of before. If you would rather relax in a canoe every period, that’s totally fine too! This is YOUR camp experience - participate as you wish!

All Soul Camp Tickets are non-refundable and 100% transferrable.

let's get campy!