sleepaway camp for adults

California: October 24th-28th 2018


We are proud to be hosting Soul Camp for the second year at one of California's most beautiful camps, Wonder Valley. Located just 4 hours northeast of Los Angeles and 3.5 hours southeast of San Francisco, Wonder Valley is nestled at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Its name doesn't dissapoint. The beautiful fresh air, the desert mountain surroundings, the lush greenery, the chirping birds, the blooming roses, and the special energy of the camp are accented by the amenities available: an adventure course, a beautiful lake, in-ground trampolines, heated pools, hot tubs, and waterslide. It's the perfect serene setting for all Soul Camp activities! Includes one private astrology reading, tarot reading or crystal bed healing, plus unlimited outings to national parks and other local adventures!


Soul Camp is your home away from home and no matter where you live, it's just a hop skip and a jump away. We have campers that come from all around the world (Asia, Europe, Canada, and more!) so please email us at [email protected] for support in getting to camp.

3.5-4 hours from Los Angeles and San Francisco.

click here for directions

At checkout, you can purchase a ticket on the Soul Camp Bus from LA. Leaves from central location in each city at noon on October 24.

$150 round-trip

Fly into LAX and take the Soul Camp bus to camp. We suggest arriving before 9am on Oct 24 in order to make the bus in each city!

Fly into Fresno and reserve a shuttle to Wonder Valley (approx 20 minutes away from the airport). Book along side your ticket or contact us at [email protected]!



at camp, all activities are optional.

it's a choose your own adventure!

We cover all topics below:



social justice


creativity + innovation

We live at the intersection of discovery and discipline, of play and practice, of fun and freedom.
talent show
color war
bunkmate bonding
fearburning ceremony
epic dance parties
boating on the lake
dance class
strength training
energizing cardio
dreamcatcher making
tibetan singing bowls
intuitive readings
SUP yoga
arts & crafts
improv + camp games
live music experiences
inspirational talks

Soul Camp brings together world-renowned teachers, authors, and motivators and gives you access to them in person in a way like never before. Our instructors' courses and programs, outside of camp, sell out in seconds and cost thousands of dollars. At Soul Camp, not only do you gain access to their teachings for a fraction of a cost, you get to experience all of them in one place. You will learn from your favorite instructor one period, and be their partner in a breathwork workshop the next!

Soul Camp is a place to play, explore and find the courage within when you get outside your comfort zone.


at camp, you are completely taken care of.

we provide all pillows, linens and sweet dreams.

from communal rooms to private cabins

At our California camp, you get to choose where you dream each night. We have dorm-style housing which accommodates up to 8 campers in one room, private rooms with queen beds, shared rooms with queen beds, and private cottages available. You won't miss out on the traditional bunkmate experience, however, as we pair campers into squads to experience the bonding and cameraderie!


we have partnered with Healthy Cooking Camp to provide

you with the most incredible nourishing healthified camp

food your heart and body could ever desire.

canteen snacks

Thanks to our incredible sponsors, we have a fully stocked canteen of all your favorite healthy and delicious snacks available 24/7. Think kale chips, chia bars, dark chocolate and WTRMLN WTR available to you whenever you want. The only problem? Stopping yourself after one too many gluten-free cookies.

canteen snacks: Thanks to our incredible sponsors, we have a fully stocked canteen of all your favorite healthy and delicious snacks available 24/7. Think kale chips, chia bars, dark chocolate and WTRMLN WTR available to you whenever you want. The only problem? Stopping yourself after one too many gluten-free cookies.

evening activities

our evening activities are a special time when the entire camp comes together to play, laugh, sing and be together. each night is different with activities such as color war, sing offs, talent shows, fear-burning, stargazing and live music experiences.


what's included

at soul camp, you are completely taken care of. from your comfy beds to your delicious meals in the dining hall to all the classes your heart could ever desire. all you need to worry about is how to get here!


our menu of healthified camp food caters to all dietary needs and sensitivies without sacrificing on taste


our camp cabins are equipped with electricity and a full bathroom. sleep well in our nostalgic accomodations.


no need to schlep your bedding and towels to camp, we got you covered!


all your camp essentials: tie-dye tees, waterbottles and notebooks included in your ticket price.


we don't charge extra for any classes here at camp. it's like an all-inclusive resort for your soul. only extra cost is if you opt for a private massage.

a day at camp

From the moment you wake up to the moment you lay your head down to sleep, your day will be filled with delicious food, thought-provoking conversations, fun and nourishing entertainment and activities for your mind, body and spirit. Each period, we offer about six different choices so you will always find something that you’ll want to do. You get to choose your own adventure!

No two days will be the same, but here's what a typical day might look like:
7:30 AM wake up, it's reveille! sound the bugles
7:55 AM all-camp flagpole lineup
8:00 AM breakfast in the mess hall
9:30 AM first period
11:00 AM second period
12:30 PM lunch time outside the mess hall
1:30 PM rest hour (how about a game of jax? or spontaneous dance party?)
2:30 PM third period
4:00 PM fourth period (play period- art, improv, hula hooping, singing)
5:00 PM shower hour
6:00 PM all camp line-up at flagpole for dinner
6:15 PM dinner in the mess hall
7:30 PM talent show at the ampitheatre
9:00 PM late night dance party with DJ Tasha Blank

Check out the Schedule

and get a taste of what camp will be like

your camp staff

We've brought together the most inspiring, wise, fun, and creative staff yet. Not only will you get to learn from them, you will actually get to play and dance and learn right alongside of them! What makes Soul Camp unique is that we are all in the experience together. there are no teachers on a pedestal. we truly are all student and teacher. And just remember that camp is a choose your own adventure- you get to pick the classes and activities that YOU want to go to. Nothing is forced, everything is optional.

We'll be announcing the list of instructors later in the year. Stay tuned!

but i'm not sure...

it's too much money!

$1299 or $129/month for 12 months?! Let's break this down. Retreats of this caliber and quality could run you anywhere from $2,500-$7,500 including food on-site, accommodations, airfare, etc. At Soul Camp, EVERYTHING is included: all food, housing, a high-level curated experience with over 50 classes & workshops available, swag and an infinite amount of snacks. The instructors you will be learning from and working with at camp charge thousands of dollars for their programs - at Soul Camp, you will be there with 40 of the best! One weekend away that will provide you with a life transformation and memories that will last forever? That's priceless.

i'm scared to come alone!

Of course! Going away to the woods with 300 strangers? Yup. Scary. We get it. However, we have really great news. After one hour at camp, we are no longer strangers. Our programming is completely geared towards the campers that come alone (80% of our campers do) because most campers are coming to camp to meet their people. You will be in a bunk with other "newbies" coming alone and with bunk bonding activities, communal mealtimes, small class sizes and 300 people who are entering into this transformative experience together, making friends is easy and feeling lonely is difficult at Soul Camp.

i don't have the time...

We're putting on our life coach hats right now to tell you that you can make the time. If you want to be at camp, you can make it work. Yes, you may have to do something new. You may need to ask your partner to watch the kids, you may need to trade in your daily Starbucks to make this work, you may need to ask your manager for the time off or even a reimbursement for an experience that will catapult your creativity like woah. Whatever it is, if you want a life-changing experience, if you want to make a change, you are going to have to start now by taking a leap and making a decision. You got this!

what campers are saying...



Of course! Soul Camp is the place to meet new friends, so you have nothing to worry about. Most of our campers come alone and we promise that one of the main intentions of Soul Camp is to create new friendships and foster community. Without the distraction of our cell phones, we partake in incredible activities together- there is truly nowhere for you to feel alone. We have carefully crafted the experience to allow you to get to know an intimate group of people, all the while feeling the connection to the larger community present at camp.

We have campers signed up from age 18-69 and everything in between, but the average age of our campers is 30-45. All ages are welcome! And you are NEVER too old for camp!

Although campers are allowed to leave early, we strongly encourage you to stay for the entire experience. Soul Camp is so much fun that if you are planning on leaving early, you’ll most likely change your mind once camp starts. If you do need to leave early, please inform your counselor so we don’t go looking for you in the woods!

Yes. This camp is for anyone above the age of 18.

Nope. This weekend is meant to be rejuvenating and relaxing, and while we love your kiddos so much, we know you will be able to get the most out of the weekend if you are alone. Find a sitter, leave a love note for the kids, and come escape to Soul Camp!

If you are unable to come for any reason, your ticket is 100% transferable.

We recommend you allow yourself a weekend free from Facebook, Instagram and your work emails. There is limited cell phone service and no WIFI at camp. There are camp computers and camp phones you will have access to in case of emergency.

We will provide you with our camp emergency contact information. Before camp, we will provide this information for you to give to your family and friends in case of emergency.

During registration, you will have the opportunity to list three to four friends you’d like to be bunked with. We’ll match you up, so you can enjoy the week with some of your friends, while meeting new people. Just like old camp times, right?

No. Your registration for Soul Camp includes your stay as a camper, all programming and food. There will be a Soul Bus leaving from NYC, LA & SF. You are able to purchase your seat on the bus when you register.

Animals are not allowed onto the camp grounds. Sorry animals, we love you!

Nope. This is just like summer camp when you were a kid so we will not be providing alcohol.

All workshops and classes at Soul Camp are optional - you can attend as many or as few classes as you want. This is a choose your own adventure experience, some of our campers opt to take a yoga class every single period, while others mix it up and try classes and genres they have never heard of before. If you would rather relax in a canoe every period, that’s totally fine too! This is YOUR camp experience - participate as you wish!

If you are going to camp and you are local to California, you can drive, you can take the Soul Camp Bus from downtown Los Angeles or downtown San Francisco. If you are from out of town, you can fly into any LAX and then take the Soul Camp Bus directly to camp, or you can fly directly to Fresno and purchase the 30min shuttle from the aiport to camp. The Soul Camp Bus leaves at 12:00 pm on Tuesday, October 23rd so plan your flights and trip accordingly. The Soul Camp Bus returns to LA before 5pm on Saturday, October 27th.

All Soul Camp Tickets are non-refundable and 100% transferrable.

There are 150 campers at Soul Camp West.
We recommend you plan accordingly and take time off from work to allow yourself the full experience at Soul Camp. However, we understand that life happens so if you are arriving late, we will have someone able to greet you and show you your way to your bunk!

At Soul Camp West, we have several accommodation options available. We have dorm-style housing (total campy vibe!), a shared room with one other person, a shared room with three other people, and an exclusive cottage fitting 2 people. You are able to secure a bed in any of these accommodations and then request your roommates/bunkmates.

Check out last year's packing list for a general idea of what to bring to camp! We will be providing you with a camp-specific packing list once you have registered.

let's get campy!