about Soul Camp

Soul Camp creates multi-day, multi-location all-inclusive wellness sleepaway and day camp for adults. Each camp, between 200-500 campers - just like you! - leave their worries and iPhones behind to gather and participate in dozens of workshops, classes and seminars that nourish their bodies, minds and spirits.

Throughout every day at camp, you will come together in community to participate in a range of activities including kundalini yoga, oneness meditation, dance, cardio, bootcamp, stand up paddleboarding, breathwork, dreamcatcher creating, indigo dying, horseback riding, energy work, essential oils 101, ropes adventure courses, trampoline parks, mala-bead making and more. Camps feature live entertainment and a speaker series where you can escape and listen to inspiring and empowering "SoulVersations" from wellness experts and thought leaders in their fields. At our sleepaway camps, evenings consist of talent shows, fear burnings, late night discos, s'mores and live entertainment.

Each Soul Camp takes place in an actual day or sleepaway camp location, situated amongst sprawling trees, lakes, valleys and grassy knolls around the nation. All meals and snacks include vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. All camps are drug and alcohol free.

Soul Camp believes that at camp, we reawaken to the power we all had as kids that allowed us to dream bigger, jump higher, sing louder, laugh more. We let go of our adult labels, roles and fears, and rediscover who we really are. And we are seen, embraced and loved for being just that. And it is from this place that we can then find purpose, create change, and truly impact the world.

We believe in the importance of play to change a life and in the power of community to change a planet.

Our mission is to educate, inspire and transform through playful and uplifting products, projects and experiences.

We live at the intersection of discovery and discipline, of play and practice, of fun and freedom.

We are so excited for you to join us.

our story

Michelle and Ali, Soul Camp founders, are campers at heart, both attending (the same!) sleepaway camp every single summer for 8 weeks from the age of nine.

The few years' difference in their age kept them in different universes altogether at camp, and it wasn't until 15 years later, in 2013, when Ali spotted Michelle in a Facebook post featuring an intenSati flash mob in New York's Union Square, that they actually met in person. Both Michelle & Ali were on their individual spiritual journeys and also owned branding businesses in the mind/body/spirit/wellness space - they quickly became best friends, business colleagues, and fellow travelers on the path to personal growth.

Michelle and Ali were at a retreat together when their old camp director messaged them on Facebook and broached the idea of bringing a small yoga group for adults to their childhood camp. The girls immediately felt the energy of Soul Camp take hold, and they began to dream up what a brand-new, grown-up version of summer camp could look like, complete with all of their favorite wellness clients & friends and without the loneliness or insecurity so many campers experience as children.

Soul Camp did not begin as a business. Rather, it began as a party, born out of the energy of the girls' joy and excitement at the idea of turning what they'd learned along the path into something they could share with others. The miracles, transformations and incredible community that was born at the first camp in 2014 woke the girls up to the deep knowing that this concept was much bigger than what either of them could have dreamed, and the rest, as they say, is history, err.. campstory!

who comes and what to expect

Our Soul Camp campers are both women and men, aged mid to late 20s to mid 60s. Our breakdown is currently 75% women, 25% men. Many campers come to camp by themselves, looking for their people, they are looking for their tribe. They are wanting to be in community with like-minded, open-minded people and know that Soul Camp is the place to find them. We do also have groups of friends and couples who attend together as well.

Our soul campers are go-getters. They want the best out of life and they are ready to make that happen, no matter the circumstance. Soul Campers are fun, soulful, generous leaders (even though they may not realize that yet). They enjoy deep conversations under the stars and laughing with friends at the breakfast table. Our campers are also from all walks of life- we have high powered executives and energy workers, moms and dads, life coaches and accountants. Most are interested in personal development and evolving themselves. They want to go deeper, know more, feel better. They are ready for a breakthrough, in consciousness or in their ability to fully live in joy.

At Soul Camp, expect to step into a space to listen to your inner knowing. A place to play, with no cares other than whether to choose painting or improv, energy work or a canoe ride. A bunk of new best friends waiting for you on your arrival. A squad to learn with and grow with. Silliness. Dance parties. Quiet contemplation. An opportunity to try new things and step out of your comfort zone!

let's get campy!