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Are you ready to break free from isolation, monotony and fear?


The Soul Camp Library is a virtual collection of inspirational content designed to open your heart, expand your mind & skyrocket your joy.

The Most Transformational Campground on the Web


You are ready to create a new story. You are ready to create a new story. Maybe you were the girl with the eating disorder or the man that went through a terrible divorce. You are ready to redefine who you are.

You want to be a leader in your life in some way but you feel far away from that or clueless on how to make it happen.

You see people around you are so happy and fulfilled, and you want that same feeling too.

You feel like you have gifts to share with the world but at the moment you have no clear direction or purpose in your life. You desire to get clear on your purpose.

You know that everything that has happened for you must have happened for a reason but you don’t yet know that reason. You want to know.

You desire epic love, a fulfilling career, and a trustworthy and close-knit group of friends. You’re ready.


The Soul Camp Library brings you the teachers at the forefront of transformational work. They inspire, they ask the big questions, and most of all they are living the questions themselves and help you do the same.


This is a choose-your-own-adventure curriculum, with curated topics meant to transform and empower you to step into a life beyond your wildest dreams. We welcome you to explore the campground at your own pace, discovering our experts, videos, campfire chats & guided activities as you feel called.

What you will gain from access to the Library:

You will get clear on what’s working and what’s not working in your life

You will gain the confidence to go after your dreams

You will learn how to have fun again—you will rekindle your joy and playfulness

You will undergo transformation, in a new and lighthearted way

You will be able to see and celebrate your uniqueness

You will remember that anything is possible


How It Works

Once you sign up for camp, you will receive an email with your personal login to the 100% virtual campground Library. And that’s where the go at your own pace transformation begins!




The Soul Campground: 38 Mind-Bending Videos

The campground is your hub for goodness and transformation. With 38 videos from transformational leaders, 30 hours of content, 7 interactive worksheets, and two ways to work your through the program, you are only a hop, skip and a jump away from being equipped with wisdom that can benefit every area of your life


Renowned Experts & Teachers

We have pooled together our most popular instructors at our live events to bring you their signature message in a way that allows you to access it the exact moment you need. Sit back, grab a journal and a water bottle, and prepare to be blown away.


Guided Activity Sheets

Soul Camp Guided Activity Sheets will accompany all of the workshops you will be attending. Thought provoking questions based on each workshop will guide you to go inward, to explore what it is exactly that you need to learn, and how to make the wisdom actionable in your life now.



A core tenant of Soul Camp is community. We believe that having a like-minded community around you as you grow, discover and transform is crucial to your making long-lasting changes in your life. The community will provide support, accountability, motivation, and of course, friendship! You will all be going through Soul Camp In Your Home at the same time, and so you can love each other up along the way.


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We stand behind this product so much that if you watch 50% of the videos and aren’t satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, we will send 100% of your money back.


Here is what you will gain access to:

You will watch video content from experts in their fields. Here’s a rundown of what content you will receive.



Experience what it feels like to know and believe you are worthy of a life that inspires you every day.

Stop Being Such A B*tch To Yourself - Andrea Owen
Why You Matter - Stefanie Ziev
Self-Love: A New Definition for Happiness + Purpose - Josh Becker


love & relationships

Learn how to create unbounded love, passion and joy in your relationships.

The Six Processes of Love - Biet Simkin
Find Soul-Level Love - Kavita J. Patel
Find True Love, Starting With Yourself - Rachel Dealto
3 Secrets on How to Magnetize Your Powerful Man - Kathleen Graham
How To Trust + Stay Open When You Feel Betrayed - Kavita J. Patel


vitality & wellness

Uncover the tools you need to step into the healthiest, most vital version of yourself.

The Modern Woman’s Health Crisis, Cultivate Body Literacy - Nicole Jardim
Put The Brakes on Burnout: Restorative Living - Gillian Cilibrasi
The Ultimate Detox + Diet Q&A - Kathleen Graham
Women, Food + Desire - Alex Jamieson
Practical Tips + Tools to Reduce Stress + Anxiety - Lara Riggio
Mindfulness Amidst the Chaos - Ed Harrold
Surprising Adrenal Stress Patterns - Terri Cole + Aviva Romm
Where the Soul of Health Meets the Medicine of Health - Renee Sacharny



Find out what your true purpose on this planet is, and begin taking actions to live out that purpose in your life.

Find Your Purpose Through Play - Alison Leipzig + Michelle Garside
Find Clarity, Take Focused Action, Fulfill Your Dreams - Nitika Chopra
Open The Heart: The Path of Selfless Service - Jase Cannon
The Simplicity of Greatness - Ed Harrold
From Numb + Aimless to Blissfully on Purpose - Kathleen Booker
Inner Drive to the Life of Your Dreams - Kershel Anthony



Create your own spiritual connection, and see how your life changes once that connection has been made.

Bliss Here Now: Awakening To Your Greatest Potential - Margaret Nichols
Connect to Your True Self - Ryan Weiss
Create Your Illuminated Life - Julie Santiago
Divine Femme: Rise, Woman - Margaret Nichols
Become A Spiritual Badass - Patricia Moreno
Threads of Light in the Dark + Why The World Shimmers - Tim Rothschild
Music, Drugs + Awakening - Tasha Blank



Become resilient in the face of anything that may come your way during your transformation.

Wake Up The Warrior Within - Natalia Maldonado
Facing Addiction - Learning How to Trust Again - Lindsay Lopez
From Post-traumatic Stress to Post-traumatic Growth - Jenn Racioppi
Be More Committed to Your Happiness than Your Suffering - Nitika Chopra


Plus, for this special offer we are adding in a special bonus designed to help you tackle fear. Fear is what holds us back from creating what we desire in life and we want to make sure you have the tools to overcome it.


bonus: freedom

Learn to work with fear and lve freely and fully in every area of your life.

Free Yourself From Fear - Terri Cole
Create Your Luscious Life - Kelley Black
Embodied Authenticity + Radical Leadership - Patricia Moreno
Inner Drive to the Life of Your Dreams - Kershel Anthony
Be A Warrior for Love, Orgasms + Freedom - Natalia Maldonado


This program is for anyone who wants a more joy-filled life.
For those ready to be happier, healthier, more fulfilled, more excited about what’s ahead.
For those looking to find their people, to find their community, to find their tribe.
For those wanting to step into who they really are, and what they are really meant to do and be.
For those ready to take action towards the life they’ve been waiting for.

Let Soul Camp In Your Home be the catalyst that propels you forward in all areas of your life. Let THIS be the before & after moment that changes your life forever.








40 hours of transformative content

A go at your own pace curriculum

Access to the leaders in transformational education

Inspiration and a trusted resource whenever you need it

A community of like-minded individuals ready to support you

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So what are you waiting for?!

Now it’s time to make a decision. Are you ready to take responsibility for your own happiness and create the life you’ve been dreaming of for years?

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, don’t wait for that magical day in the future. Don’t wait for some day that you feel ready because that day won’t ever come.

We got you. You can transform from the inside out, all you need is the wisdom to help you create small mindset shifts that will change the trajectory of your life.

It’s never too late to live the life you’ve wanted.

The decisions is yours. With SOUL much love,

Ali Leipzig & Michelle Goldblum


We are so excited for you to experience the infinite possibility that is your life.

We will see you in the community!


Get Instant Access

One payment of $97

- or -

2 payments of $57


Save $17 - pay in full


We stand behind this product so much that if you watch 50% of the videos and aren’t satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, we will send 100% of your money back.