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The Most Transformational Campground on the Web

Soul Camp In Your Home is a virtual program designed to open your heart, expand your mind, & skyrocket your joy.

You are ready to create a new story. Maybe you were the girl with the eating disorder or the man that went through a terrible divorce. You are ready to redefine who you are.

You want to be a leader in your life in some way but you feel far away from that or clueless on how to make it happen.

You see people around you are so happy and fulfilled, and you want that same feeling too.

You feel like you have gifts to share with the world but at the moment you have no clear direction or purpose in your life. You desire to get clear on your purpose.

You know that everything that has happened for you must have happened for a reason but you don't yet know that reason. You want to know.

You desire epic love, a fulfilling career, and a trustworthy and close-knit group of friends. You're ready.

Soul Camp In Your Home brings you the teachers at the forefront of transformational work. They inspire, they ask the big questions, and most of all they are living the questions themselves.

This is a choose-your-own-adventure curriculum,

with curated topics meant to transform and empower you to step into a life beyond your wildest dreams. We welcome you to explore the campground at your own pace, discovering our experts, videos, campfire chats & guided activities as you feel called.

What you will get from In Your Home:

  • You will get clear on what's working and what's not working in your life
  • You will learn how to have fun again—we will rekindle your joy and playfulness
  • You will be able to see and celebrate your uniqueness
  • You will gain the confidence to go after your dreams
  • You will undergo transformation, in a new and lighthearted way
  • You will remember that anything is possible

Campground topics include:

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Love 8d50a3117847ef71f2313c376dcbcef1f93e5a94bf082c9d27b631e142e6d469
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Spirituality 9d26331db0a7c8e56bd6ed7ea95a0524f8f4f30e842cf3228fa2a2f28a013857
Resilience 4ab1099976341890cbd359529d3fad5d0895b9d984dac03090b5981f2799bff6
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This program is for anyone who wants a more joy-filled life.

For those ready to be happier, healthier, more fulfilled, more excited about what's ahead.

For those looking to find their people, to find their community, to find their tribe.

For those wanting to step into who they really are, and what they are really meant to do and be.

For those ready to take action towards the life they've been waiting for.

Let Soul Camp In Your Home be the catalyst that propels you forward in all areas of your life. Let THIS be the before & after moment that changes your life forever.

How It Works

Once you sign up for camp, you will receive an email with your personal login to the campground. You will also be invited to join our online community.

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So what are you waiting for?!

Are you ready to bring Soul Camp into your home, and your hearts, starting right now?

If it's time for you to dive in, you will know it.

You will know that it's time to make a change, time to love deeper, experience more joy, connect to yourself a whole new level.

Soul Camp is waiting for you.