Michelle Goldblum and Ali Leipzig, Soul Camp co-founders, are campers at heart, both attending (the same!) sleepaway camp every single summer for 8 weeks from the age of nine.

The few years' difference in their age kept them in different universes altogether at camp, and it wasn't until 15 years later, in 2013, when Ali spotted Michelle in a Facebook post featuring an intenSati flash mob in New York's Union Square, that they actually met in person. Both Michelle & Ali were on their individual spiritual journeys and also owned branding businesses in the mind/body/spirit/wellness space - they quickly became best friends, business colleagues, and fellow travelers on the path to personal growth.

Michelle and Ali were at a retreat together when their old camp director messaged them on Facebook and broached the idea of bringing a small yoga group for adults to their childhood camp. The girls immediately felt the energy of Soul Camp take hold, and they began to dream up what a brand-new, grown-up version of summer camp could look like, complete with all of their favorite wellness clients & friends and without the loneliness or insecurity so many campers experience as children.

They hosted their first camp in 2014 at Camp Towanda in the Poconos and have since expanded to camps with up to 350 people in the Adirondacks at Camp Echo Lake, the Sierra-Nevadas at Wonder Valley as well as hosting shorter events and camps in New York City, Chicago and New Jersey.

Soul Camp did not begin as a business. Rather, it began as a party, born out of the energy of the girls' joy and excitement at the idea of turning what they'd learned along the path into something they could share with others. The miracles, transformations and incredible community that was born at the first camp in 2014 woke the girls up to the deep knowing that this concept was much bigger than what either of them could have dreamed, and the rest, as they say, is history, err.. campstory!